Spiritual Theology

Spiritual Theology

Author : Simon Chan

Pages: 300

weight: 431g

Publication year: 1998

ISBN 13: 978-0-8308-1542-5


  • Part One: The Theological Principles of Spiritual Theology
  1. Christian Spiritual Theology: Its Nature & Criteria
  2. The Christian Doctrine of God as the Foundation of Christian Spirituality
  3. Sin & Human Nature
  4. Salvation & the Life of Spiritual Progress
  5. The Church as the Community of Saints
  • Part Two: The Practice of the Spiritual Life
  1. The Theology & Life of Prayer
  2. Spiritual Exercises Focusing on God & Self
  3. Spiritual Exercises Focusing on the Word
  4. Spiritual Exercises Focusing on the World
  5. The Rule of Life
  6. The Discernment of Spirits
  7. The Art of Spiritual Direction


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