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The Priesthood of Christ
Atonement in the Theology of John Owen (1616 - 1683)

Author : Edwin E.M. Tay

Pages: 207

Weight: 325g

Publication year: 2014

ISBN 978-1-84227-7997

Book Description:

Despite wide acclaim for John Owen (1616-1683) as a leading representative of the doctrine of atonement in the Reformed tradition, a thorough examination of his views on the subject has yet to be undertaken. This work is the first full-scale monograph on the subject. Drawing on recent historiographical studies on the intellectual history of Protestant Orthodoxy and the full range of Owen’s writings, Dr Tay demonstrates that at the heart of Owen’s atonement theology is his peculiar understanding of Christ’s priesthood conceived in terms of the oblation and intercession of Christ, performed in the states of humiliation and exaltation.

This book belongs to the monograph series Studies in Christian History and Thought by Paternoster Press.


Chapter 1        Introduction
Chapter 2        The Agent of Redemption
Chapter 3        The Means of Redemption: Christ the Mediator
Chapter 4        The Means of Redemption: Christ's Priestly Office
Chapter 5        The Means of Redemption: Satisfaction for Sin
Chapter 6        The End of Redemption
Chapter 7        Conclusion


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