Vol 11.3 (Dec 2008) – Hidden People

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Editor: Mark L.Y. Chan

Church & Society in Asia Today is a periodical published three times a year by the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia. It is concerned with contemporary issues which, relate directly to the Church and her ministry in our rapidly changing society.

Written by Christian theologians, scholars, pastors, missionaries and lay persons in a style which is accessible to the general Christian public, the articles, sermons and book reviews aim to discuss and analyze trends and issues from a Christian and interdisciplinary perspective.

Topics in this Issue:

Towards Blurring and Redrawing the Boundaries of Marginalised Communities - Mrs Kimhong Hazra

Building Communities. Bringing Healing. Inspiring Hope. Reflecting on Healthserve's Journey with Migrant Workers in Singapore - Mr Peter C. Y. Hsu

Loving Strangers: Practising Hospitality as a Community - Mr Ivan Tan

Intrigue, Interaction, and Integration: Walking with Same Sex Attraction (SSA) Persons - Ms Annie Lee

Women and Children: Community of the Marginalised in HIV/AIDS Response - Rev Kuzipa Nalwamba


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