Pilgrims and Citizens: Christian Social Engagement in East Asia Today

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Editor: Michael Poon

Pages: xxi+209

Publication year: 2006

ISBN 13: 978-192-06-9158-5




This volume of essays from Trinity Theological College marks a fresh approach to articulate the character of Christian social engagement in East Asia today. Key interpreters of Christianity in China, Singapore and colleagues from the West, reflect on this important and relevant topic.


Foreword  Bishop Robert Solomon

Introduction  Archbishop John Chew

Editor's Introduction



1. Religion in Governing a Country: A Positive or Negative Factor?   Lim Siong Guan

2. A Message of Peace and Harmony from the East to the West   Ye Xiaowen

Biblical Studies

3. Pilgrims and Citizens: The Paradox for the First Christians According to 1 Peter   Bruce Winter

4. 'Seek the Welfare of the City': Contributions of Diaspora Jews (323 BCE-66 CE)  Tan Kim Huat

5. Jesus, Paul and Peter and the Roman State  Paul Barnett

Historical and Theological Studies

6. All Authority is from God  Oliver O'Donovan

7. Christian Social Responsibilities in East Asia: Lessons from the Early Church  Michael Nai-Chiu Poon

8. Civil Society and its Emergence in the Modern World  Hwa Yung

9. Resident Aliens and Alienated Residents  Daniel KS Koh

Contemporary Engagements

10. The Role of Chinese Christians in the Development of China  Cao Shengjie

11. The Christian Contribution to China in History  Zhuo Xinping

12. The Christian Role in a Pluralistic Society, with Specific Reference to Singapore  Richard Magnus

13. Roman Catholic Perspectives on Seeking the Welfare of the City  Kenson Koh

Concluding Reflections: Ways Forward in Seeking the Welfare of the City

14. Fellow-Citizens with the Saints  Oliver O'Donovan

15. The Role of Christianity in the Construction of a Harmonious Society Today  Zhuo Xinping

16. Christian Social Engagement in Asia  Daniel KS Koh

Author Index

Subject Index







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