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The Clock Tower Story: The Beginnings of Charismatic Renewals in Singapore

(Revised Edition 2012)

Editors: Michael Poon and Malcolm Tan

Pages: 83

Publication year: 2012

ISBN 13: 978-981-07-1077-4


The outpouring of the Spirit on some Anglo-Chinese School students in 1972 was the beginning of the charismatic movement in Singapore. It was arguably an unexpected and inexpressible gift from God to the newly independent nation. The details were however largely blurred, ignored, or forgotten by the close of that decade. What happened became part of the suppressed memory in Singapore's church history. This book, drawn largely from the testimonies of the key participants, aims to redress this neglect. CSCA publishes this revised and expanded edition to mark the 40th anniversary of the event, which many refer to as "the Clock Tower Revival."

"Father here I am. I just want to be the channel that you can use to ignite the revival that will not only spread across Singapore but will spread out to the rest of the world. And the world will come to know the glory, the majesty and the power of your name. And the free flow of your Holy Spirit will demonstrate to the world the power of a living Christ. Thank you, Father; thank you, Father; thank you, Father."

– Hugh Baker, Singapore Evangelism Centre, 1970s


  • Preface to the Revised Edition
  • Introduction The Clock Tower Story: An Inconvenient Truth, An Inexpressible Gift – Michael Poon
The Clock Tower Story
  • About the ACS Old Boys’ Association Christian Fellowship – Keith Chua
  • Introduction to the Presentations – Malcolm Tan
  • The Preceding Prayer and Personal Evangelism Movement – Noel Goh
  • The Beginning of the Clock Tower Story – ACS Saint John’s Ambulance Christian Fellowship Camp
    • Tan Khian Seng
    • Chang Teck Nee
  • The ACS (afternoon session) Christian Fellowship – Malcolm Tan
  • The ACS Pre-University Christian Fellowship
    • Tan Khong Chew
    • Norman Wong
    • Melvin Huang
  • Beyond ACS
    •  Hugh Baker
    • James Wong
  • Appendix 1 Timeline
  • Appendix 2 The Straits Times Reports, November 1972
  • Appendix 3 The ACS Pre-University Christian Class Cell Group, 1972
  • Appendix 4 Renewals in Wesley Methodist Church in the 1970s
  • Appendix 5 Spread of Renewal to Saint Andrew’s School
  • Appendix 6 Bishop Chiu Ban It’s Testimony
  • Appendix 7 From ACS to Jedburgh Gardens
  • Appendix 8 Map of ACS and Its Surroundings
  • Appendix 9 Programme of the ACS OBA Christian Fellowship Thanksgiving Service (21 May 1999)
  • Appendix 10 About the Participants at the ACS Clock Tower Story Thanksgiving Service, 21 May 1999

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