CSCA Monographs Series

The CSCA Monograph Series has a twofold aim. It offers a first opportunity for younger Asian scholars to publish their research findings; and at the same time introduces their scholarship to the wider Asian region. The goal is to encourage younger generations of Asian Christian scholars to become more confident in expressing their faith in the vernacular, as well as to introduce new voices to inter-regional conversation in the study of Asian Christianity. The authors in this series are all based in Asia and conduct their research in Asian settings. Volumes in this Series are published in the original language adopted by the authors, in Chinese, English, Malay or Tamil.

No. 3 – Iban Anglicans: The Anglican Mission in Sarawak 1848-1968

Iban Anglicans: The Anglican Mission in Sarawak 1848-1968

Author: Peter Varney

Series Editor: John Roxborogh

Pages: xvi + 252

Publication Year: 2013

ISBN 13: 978-981-07-4141-9


This book tells a fascinating story of encounter between Christianity and the Iban of Sarawak, who are now one of the most Christianised peoples in Asia. Peter Varney meticulously charts Iban responses to Christianity during Brooke and colonial rule from 1848 to 1968 showing how local catechists and teachers played a central role in bringing Christianity to their own people. The story of how faith and culture engage each other will be of huge interest to Southeast Asian Christians, and to academics in historical and social science disciplines.

About the Author

The Revd. Peter Varney is a fellow of the Borneo Research Council, chairman of the Borneo Mission Association and a research associate in the School of International Development at the University of East Anglia. His interest in the Iban began in 1958 when he was posted to Borneo during Royal Air Force National Service. In 1967 he began field work at Betong, focussing on Anglican work with the Iban, and visiting all the Anglican parishes in Sarawak. His recent research on Iban Anglicans examines burial rites and eschatological beliefs in urban Kuching, including issues of religious accommodation, urbanisation and globalisation.


CSCA Monograph Series

Map: The First and Second Divisions of Sarawak in 1968



About the Author




Chapter 1 Contexts of Mission: The Worlds of the Iban and Empire

Chapter 2 The Foundations of Anglican Work in Sarawak: 1848–1855

Chapter 3 “Rebels,” “Pirates” and the Opening of Work with the Iban: 1856–1869 4

Chapter 4 Understanding the Iban World: 1870–1908

Chapter 5 The Iban Response to the Introduction of Ritualism: 1909–1931

Chapter 6 Consolidation and Occupation: 1932–1948

Chapter 7 Creating New Identities: 1949–1968

Chapter 8 The Emergence of Iban Christianity: 1968–2011

Appendix 1: Glossary

Appendix 2: People

Appendix 3: Places

Appendix 4: Chronology

Archival Sources


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When Francis McDougall became the first Christian missionary in Sarawak, he could not have envisaged what is now the vibrant Anglican Diocese of Kuching within the Province of South East Asia. This fascinating history reminds us of the need for faithfulness and patience, charts the sometimes uneasy relationship between the church and the colonial powers, and records the sensitivity with which many missionaries sought to understand local spiritualities and rituals.  – Bishop Michael Doe, General Secretary USPG, 2004 – 2011

It is always refreshing to read an outsider’s view of a community and its history. This book is therefore something that can be appreciated by Iban people as well as by others. The past decades of mission among the Iban people are brought into sharp focus by Peter’s careful research and his style of presentation. There is something to learn from its pages even for those most closely involved in the work.

The Diocese has always been keen to assist where it can in research and I am very pleased with the result. It describes the long procession of God’s servants who have been faithful in this part of His vineyard to which we in our generation now belong. An important aspect is how the church’s contribution to the political and economic life in Sarawak is woven into the story of conversion. Descriptions of the formidable problems of the past being overcome with tenacity and faith can only be an inspiration and hope for facing the difficulties of the present day.

I commend this book to anyone anywhere who is involved in mission – or even simply wondering how it works.  – Datuk Bolly anak Labok, Bishop of Kuching and Archbishop of the Province of the Anglican Church in South East Asia

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No. 2 – 牧师楼与社区领导:实兆远华人卫理公会社区权力变迁的个案研究


Author: 廖克民

Editor: Michael Poon

Pages: 112

Publication year: 2009

ISBN 13: 978-981-08-1634-8


This Paper studies the history of the Chinese Methodist Church in the development of Sitiawan community during 1903-1940, through the historical migration of Chinese Christians to Kampung Koh; within a foreign historical stance, experiencing the power shift of its community leadership. From a viewpoint of missions history, structuring the leading powers of the Methodists in the Chinese community of Sitiawan.

Chapter One “Introduction” identifies the motive and contents of appointing the community leadership of Sitiawan Chinese Methodist “Muk Su Lao” as the specific study scenario. Chapter Two “The Historic Shift in the Organization Structure of the Sitiawan Chinese Church and Community Leadership” mainly analyzes how the China Foo Chow Annual Conference and Malayan Annual Conference established the foundation of Sitiawan community leadership. Chapter Three “From ‘The Fallen Leaf Returns to the Root’ To ‘Fall to the Ground and Root in the Land’: The Establishment of Muk Su Lao anatomize the experience of power shift progress of the Sitiawan Chinese pastors and Christians under the community leadership power of the western missionaries. Chapter Four “Conclusion” puts question to the community leadership in practice of the West Malaysian Chinese Annual Conference inheriting the “heritage” of the subsistent power organizations of the M.E.M. Missions Conference.


  • 绪论
    • 研究动机与范围
    • 研究方法与内容
    • 相关研究的评述
      • 澄清实兆远地名
      • 研究评述
  • 实兆远华人教会与社区领导组织架构的历史变迁
    • 卫理公会与社区垦殖史
      • 福州成为“差派国家”
      • 卫理公会进入马来亚的宣教事业
      • 中国福州移民迁居实兆远的历史处境
    • 社区领导权力的历史变迁
      • 马来亚年议会组织的演变
      • 领导权力转移的策略
      • 实兆远华人教区与马华年议会的形成
  • 从“落叶归根”到“落地生根”:「牧师楼」之构建
    • 经济种植衍生的领导权力
      • 西教士的社区领导权力
      • “牧师楼”应运而生
      • “牧师楼”社区领导角色
    • 地缘组织的领导权力
      • 牧师的三重身份
      • 华籍基督徒辅助领导
  • 结论
    • 宣教事业再出发
    • 社区关怀到社区领导
  • 附录
    • 宣教士与华籍牧者译名简介
    • 马来西亚年议会历届主席会督
    • 实兆远华人卫理公会“年代表”
    • 马来亚宣教地图
    • 婆罗洲地图
    • 实兆远垦场地图
    • 曼绒县地图
  • 参考档案
  • 参考资料

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No. 1 – Malay Encounter during Benjamin Peach Keasberry’s Time in Singapore 1835-1875

Malay Encounter during Benjamin Peach Keasberry’s Time in Singapore 1835-1875

Author: Teo Eng Liang

Editor: Michael Poon

Pages: 330

Publication year: 2009

ISBN 13: 978-981-08-0784-9


This monograph is the result of an analysis of the Malay encounter of Benjamin Peach Keasberry from 1835 to 1875 done in the course of my Missions studies at Trinity Theological College (TTC). My interest in reading BP Keasberry’s letters and journals grew from my discovery of the available microfiche records of School of Oriental and African Studies, Council of World Mission Archives, Ultra Ganges at the TTC Library. The London Missionary Society (LMS) was the earliest Mission society in Singapore and BP Keasberry was one of their members. The Incoming correspondences of the missionaries to the LMS Foreign Secretary provided an interesting window to see how the church and mission in Singapore engaged the Malay World with the gospel. Almost all of the letters of Keasberry’s Incoming letters were transcribed. The contents of the letters and attached journals were read and studied to provide us a window into the early nineteenth century Malay mission in Singapore. The results of the reading and reflection are in the first part of this monograph and the second part consists of the transcribed source documents. It is hoped that these materials will give impetus to further explorations in understanding the church and mission encounter in the Malay World today.


  • Part I
    • Malay Encounter with the British 1835 To 1839
    • Hopes for a Malay Mission 1840 To 1847
    • Last Stand on Mount Zion 1848 To 1875
    • Assessment of the Malay Encounter 1835 To 1875
    • Appendices
    • Bibliography
  • Part II
    • LMS Incoming Letters 1835 to 1839
    • LMS Incoming Letters 1840 to 1847
    • LMS Incoming Letters 1848 to 1875
    • LMS Incoming Letter 1876Appendices
    • Bibliography
  • Part III
    • LMS Incoming Letters 1835 to 1839
    • LMS Incoming Letters 1840 to 1847
    • LMS Incoming Letters 1848 to 1875
    • LMS Incoming Letter 1876


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