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Understanding Christian Revivals

Author: Robert M. Solomon, with responses from Malcolm Tan and Patrick Fung

Editor: Michael Poon

Pages: 112

Publication Year: 2012

ISBN 13: 978-981-07-1446-8


Bishop Robert Solomon’s book offers a concise and highly readable introduction to the nature and theology of revival. Bishop Solomon is keenly aware of the concerns of ordinary church-goers over the baffling aspects of revivals. He anticipates some of their frequently asked questions and addresses them with pastoral sensitivity. I recommend it especially to anyone seeking spiritual guidance in discerning between genuine and questionable revivals.

SIMON CHAN (Earnest Lau Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Theological College, Singapore)

The sacred topic of revival has suffered from bad press recently through controversies of what constitutes a legitimate revival. This book addresses this need by combining careful scholarship with biblical evidence and by illustrating the principles gleaned with inspiring stories of Asian revivals. I am motivated afresh to pray yearningly for revival.

AJITH FERNANDO (Teaching Director, Youth for Christ Sri Lanka)

The Methodist Bishop has spanned denominations, continents, time, and academic disciplines to provide a lucid and literary foray into the complex topic of Christian revival. His discussion of intercontinental connections of revivals in the early 20th century is illuminating for our contemporary church which is too often bound by cultural and regional limitations. I commend this to church leaders in both Asia and the West.

SCOTT SUNQUIST (Professor of World Christianity, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)


  1. Introduction: Christian Revivals and the Re-Imagining of Time and Space – Michael Poon
  2. A Science of Revivals? Issues in the Study of Revivals
  3. The Signs of Revival: What Would Revival Look Like Today?
  4. Revivals in Asia at the Beginning of the 20th Century
  5. A Response from Malcolm Tan
  6. A Response from Patrick Fung
  7. A Rejoinder – Robert Solomon
  8. Bibliography

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