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Church and Mission in the New Asia: New Gods, New Identities

Author: Vinoth Ramachandra,

Editor: Kimhong Hazra

Pages: 106

Publication year: 2009

ISBN 13: 978-981-4222-99-0


Many parts of Asia are being rapidly transformed by new technologies, unequal wealth creation and the emergence of religious radicalism. Individual lives and whole societies are being re-configured around new gods and identities. What does following Jesus as Lord mean in such changing contexts? If Christian witness is to be truly Christian, and not a bearer of false gods, our pragmatism and activism need to be shaped by prophetic discernment and godly wisdom.

In three public lectures under the CSCA Annual Lecture Series 2007, Vinoth Ramachandra explores the historical, sociological and technological landscape of Asian cities. He critiques how these social realities are shaping Asian identities and discusses their implications for Church and Mission in Asia today. The discussion begun in these lectures has been expanded to include alternative perspectives in responses from Simon Chan of Singapore, Melba Maggay of the Philippines, and Martin Sinaga of Indonesia. In addition, there is an author's rejoinder to these responses. The conversation initiated among the four scholars signals the value of ongoing dialogue among Asian churches towards inculcating faithfulness to our common missional task.


  1. The Postcolonial: Confronting our “Blind-Spots”
  2. The Postmodern: Shopping for Identities
  3. The Posthuman: Technology as Salvation
  4. A Response by Simon Chan
  5. A Response by Melba Padilla Maggay
  6. A Response by Martin Lukito Sinaga
  7. A Rejoinder by Vinoth Ramachandra

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