CSCA Lectures Series

Every other year, the Centre invites to the campus of Trinity Theological College an interna-tionally renowned scholar to present a series of lectures on a contemporary concern in the life and witness of the Church in Southeast Asia. These lectures seek to challenge thinking and promote critical reflection among Asian Christians about their identity and mission in the world. These lectures are edited and published along with response essays by academics and church or missions leaders drawn from the Southeast Asian context.

No. 4 – Understanding Christian Revivals

Understanding Christian Revivals

Author: Robert M. Solomon, with responses from Malcolm Tan and Patrick Fung

Editor: Michael Poon

Pages: 112

Publication Year: 2012

ISBN 13: 978-981-07-1446-8


Bishop Robert Solomon’s book offers a concise and highly readable introduction to the nature and theology of revival. Bishop Solomon is keenly aware of the concerns of ordinary church-goers over the baffling aspects of revivals. He anticipates some of their frequently asked questions and addresses them with pastoral sensitivity. I recommend it especially to anyone seeking spiritual guidance in discerning between genuine and questionable revivals.

SIMON CHAN (Earnest Lau Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Theological College, Singapore)

The sacred topic of revival has suffered from bad press recently through controversies of what constitutes a legitimate revival. This book addresses this need by combining careful scholarship with biblical evidence and by illustrating the principles gleaned with inspiring stories of Asian revivals. I am motivated afresh to pray yearningly for revival.

AJITH FERNANDO (Teaching Director, Youth for Christ Sri Lanka)

The Methodist Bishop has spanned denominations, continents, time, and academic disciplines to provide a lucid and literary foray into the complex topic of Christian revival. His discussion of intercontinental connections of revivals in the early 20th century is illuminating for our contemporary church which is too often bound by cultural and regional limitations. I commend this to church leaders in both Asia and the West.

SCOTT SUNQUIST (Professor of World Christianity, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)


  1. Introduction: Christian Revivals and the Re-Imagining of Time and Space – Michael Poon
  2. A Science of Revivals? Issues in the Study of Revivals
  3. The Signs of Revival: What Would Revival Look Like Today?
  4. Revivals in Asia at the Beginning of the 20th Century
  5. A Response from Malcolm Tan
  6. A Response from Patrick Fung
  7. A Rejoinder – Robert Solomon
  8. Bibliography

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No. 3 – The Cross in Asia Today

The Cross in Asia Today

Authors: Vishal Mangalwadi, Takamitsu Muraoka and Carver Yu

Editor: Mark Chan

Pages: 80

Publication Year: 2011

ISBN 13: 978-981-4305-63-1


The three essays in this volume by Vishal Mangalwadi, Takamitsu Muraoka and Carver T. Yu were presented originally as the 2008 Annual Lectures of the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia (CSCA), the mission research arm of Trinity Theological College, Singapore.


  1. The Cross and the Principalities and Powers: The Church’s Prophetic Engagement with Society
  2. The Cross, the Kingdom of God and the Nation: Redemptive Priorities and Christian Social Involvement in Asia
  3. The Cross and the Quest for Shalom in Asia: Reconciliation in a Context of Communal Unrest and Fragmentation

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No. 2 – Church and Mission in the New Asia: New Gods, New Identities

Church and Mission in the New Asia: New Gods, New Identities

Author: Vinoth Ramachandra,

Editor: Kimhong Hazra

Pages: 106

Publication year: 2009

ISBN 13: 978-981-4222-99-0


Many parts of Asia are being rapidly transformed by new technologies, unequal wealth creation and the emergence of religious radicalism. Individual lives and whole societies are being re-configured around new gods and identities. What does following Jesus as Lord mean in such changing contexts? If Christian witness is to be truly Christian, and not a bearer of false gods, our pragmatism and activism need to be shaped by prophetic discernment and godly wisdom.

In three public lectures under the CSCA Annual Lecture Series 2007, Vinoth Ramachandra explores the historical, sociological and technological landscape of Asian cities. He critiques how these social realities are shaping Asian identities and discusses their implications for Church and Mission in Asia today. The discussion begun in these lectures has been expanded to include alternative perspectives in responses from Simon Chan of Singapore, Melba Maggay of the Philippines, and Martin Sinaga of Indonesia. In addition, there is an author’s rejoinder to these responses. The conversation initiated among the four scholars signals the value of ongoing dialogue among Asian churches towards inculcating faithfulness to our common missional task.


  1. The Postcolonial: Confronting our “Blind-Spots”
  2. The Postmodern: Shopping for Identities
  3. The Posthuman: Technology as Salvation
  4. A Response by Simon Chan
  5. A Response by Melba Padilla Maggay
  6. A Response by Martin Lukito Sinaga
  7. A Rejoinder by Vinoth Ramachandra

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No. 1 – The Quest for Covenant Community and Pluralist Democracy in an Islamic Context

The Quest for Covenant Community and Pluralist Democracy in an Islamic Context

Author: Ng Kam Weng

Editor: Mark Chan

Pages: 146

Publication year: 2008

ISBN 13: 978-981-4222-81-5


The main body of this volume comprises three essays by Ng Kam Weng, which were presented originally as the 2006 Annual Lectures of the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia (CSCA), the mission research arm of Trinity Theological College, Singapore. They explore the possibility of democratic pluralism from within the predominantly Islamic context of Malaysia, and propose the concept of Covenant as a promising basis for collaboration between Christianity and Islam. Interacting with a broad spectrum of socio-political thinkers, these lectures probe the dynamics of democratic deliberation and point to resources from within the two faith traditions that can contribute to building the common life based on covenant community and social solidarity.

Responses from Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi’, Robert A. Hunt and Peter G. Riddell, three international scholars who have contributed significantly to fostering greater understanding between Christianity and Islam, are included.


  1. Pluralist Democracy and Spheres of Justice: The Quest for ‘Complex Equality’ in an Islamic Context
  2. Religious Dialogue and Democratic Deliberation
  3. Religion and Moral Citizenry: Whose Morality? What Law? Which Moral Community?
  4. A Response by Ibrahim Abu-Rabi‘
  5. A Response by Robert A. Hunt
  6. A Response by Peter G. Riddell

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