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What Young Asian Theologians Are Thinking

Editor: Leow Theng Huat


It is not always easy to discover exactly what young Asian theologians are thinking (to paraphrase Douglas J. Elwood). Overwhelmed with commitments, young theologians find it difficult to pursue their research interests. This book is the result of an invitation to a few young theologians to pause and reflect upon the key theological issues they are concerned with in their respective contexts.

The nine articles cover a broad range of topics. The first section (“Text and Context”) focus on specific portions of the Biblical text and how they speak to various parts of Asia. The second, entitled “Theology in Context”, propose ways of meaningfully engaging the Christian faith with the contributors’ own contexts in China, Hong Kong and Thailand. The final three articles “On Terminology and Methodology” deal with basic issues of how we should explicate key concepts and undertake the theological task. The last portion contains three responses from senior scholars.

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