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Issues of Law and Justice in Singapore: Some Christian reflections

Authors: Daniel K. S. Koh, Kiem-Kiok Kwa, Debbie Ong, Tan Seow Hon, Thio Li-ann, William Wan and Gordon Wong.

Editors: Daniel Koh and Kiem-Kiok Kwa

Pages: 237

Publication year: 2009

ISBN 13: 978-981-4270-16-8


This book is an attempt at putting together in one accessible volume what some Singapore Christians think about matters of law and justice in their own country. It is the first volume in the CSCA Christianity in Southeast Asia Series.

The writers share the same concern about Christians being the light and salt in the world. Christians can make meaningful contribution to public discussion on matters which affect the common good. Justice properly understood is justice for all even if it is informed by the Christian faith. That is why Christians who love God and their neighbours are interested in issues of law and justice.

While the book is primarily written for Christians, it may be of interest to the wider readership. Readers will be able to identify some common interests, and gain further understanding of how thoughtful Christians have sought to contribute to developing a wholesome social vision, "based on justice and equality", for a multi-racial, multi-religious society.


  1. Justice: A Christian Social Ethical Perspective — Daniel K. S. Koh
  2. Random Reflections on Law and Justice in the Bible — Gordon Wong
  3. Criminal Law, Punishment and the Christian — William Wan
  4. Religion and Abortion in Singapore — Tan Seow Hon
  5. Reflections on the Law of Marriage & Divorce in Singapore— Debbie Ong
  6. “To Act Justly, To Love Mercy...” Reflections on the Social Principles of the Methodist Church in Singapore — Kiem-Kiok Kwa
  7. Attending to the Weightier Matters of the Law: Faith, Hope and Love in the Public Square — Thio Li-ann

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