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In Search for Asian Sounds and Symbols in Worship

Author: Loh I-to

Editor: Michael Poon

Pages: 258

Publication year: 2012

ISBN 13: 978-981-07-1069-9


This volume of collected essays by Professor Loh I-to, the foremost Asian church musician and ethnomusicologist, introduces a new generation of Christians in Asia and beyond the theological vision and issues of contextualisation of Asian liturgy and music. The essays, edited and introduced by Michael Poon, span over 25 years of research, music composition, and teaching. The book also includes a foreword by Lo Lung Kwong and an interpretative essay by Lim Swee Hong. It makes an ideal textbook for seminary courses on Asian church music and theological contextualisation.

Professor Loh I-to’s pioneering work in promoting church music and Asian theology with local cultural resources that can be distinctly identified as ‘truly Asia’ deserves our highest applause and respect.

Thu En Yu (Principal of Sabah Theological Seminary, Malaysia)

For many in the global ecumenical family Professor Loh I-to represents one of most outstanding promoters of Asian church music today.

Dietrich Werner (Programme Coordinator ETE/World Council of Churches)

What would the world church be like if Asian Christian found their voice? I-to Loh has given us a sense of the musical richness of the diverse cultures that make up the largest and most complex continent on the globe.

C. Michael Hawn (D.M.A. University Distinguished Professor of Church Music, Director, Sacred Music Program)


  • Foreword by Lo Lung Kwong
  • Introduction Loh I-to as Bridge-Builder: Communication and Communion in the Asia Pacific – Michael Poon
  • Preface
Pilgrimage in Contextualisation
  • Toward Contextualisation of Church Music in Asia
  • Revisiting Ways of Contextualisation of Church Music in Asia
  • Contextualisation of Asian Liturgy and Music: From AILM to Global Contexts. A Personal Recollection, Reflection and Vision
  • Approaches to Contextualisation of Church Music: With Special Reference to “Welcoming Another Year with The Spring Breezes”
Quest for Asian Sounds and Symbols in Worship
  • Worshipping through Incarnational Music: My Mission
  • Contemporary Issues in Inculturation
  • Asian Symbols and Symbolic Acts
  • A Glimpse at Multipart Practices in Traditional Asian Music
 Sign Posts
  • Contributions of ‘Asian’ Traditions to The Presbyterian New Hymnal, USA (1990)
  • A Survey of Texts and Musical Styles in Sound The Bamboo (2000) The Significance of Seng-Si 2009: The New Hymnal of The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
 Loh I-to and His Work
  • I-to Loh: Life and Influences– Lim Swee Hong
  • Published Works of Loh I-to
  • Bibliography

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