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Handbook of Popular Spiritual Movements in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

Editor: Michael Nai-Chiu Poon & John Roxborogh

Pages: 400

Publication year: 2015

ISBN: 978-981-09-6496-2



The Handbook of Popular Spiritual Movements in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia provides a reference for interpreting contemporary Christian life and practice through the contributions of over forty local and international theologians, historians, theological educators, social scientists, artists, composers and pastors. Their interpretative essays, case studies and examples of image and music for worship, help us sense and understand the evolving movements of aspiration, thought and practice that are shaping present-day Christianity in Asia.


Foreword by Andrew F. Walls
Foreword by Lo Lung-Kwong
Preface: A Spiritual Exercise of Finding God in All Things
Timeline: Spiritual Movements in the Midst of Cultural and Political Change

Methodology, Sources and Guiding Principles
Conceptualising Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia
Southeast Asia’s Quest for a Confident Identity in the Late Twentieth Century
Contextualising Theology in Asia: Forty Years Onward
Interpreting Divine Acts


Folk Christianity, Pentecostalism and Primal Spirituality
Primal Spirituality, Religion and Islamisation
Nation Making, Globalisation, and the Church in Southeast Asia

Indigenous Senoi Christianity: A Preliminary Investigation
Ethnicity and Religion on the Margins: Working-Class Telegu Adventist Christians in Urban Malaysia
Chinese Methodists in Malaysia: A Typology of Mission and Migration
Finding a Home: John Sung’s Evangelistic Bands as the Location for a New Female Identity
The LoveSingapore Movement
The Brothers I Have Never Known: New Immigrants Meeting Old-Timer Immigrants in Singaporean Churches
Christian Identity and Religious Pluralism in the Aftermath of Religious Communal Violence in Indonesia
Chrisians and Muslims in South Sulawesi: A Story of the Seko Community

Images of Faith

Re-Imagination and Transformation
Sounds of Land and Sea: Hymns and Commentary

Memory, Identity and Social Vision: The Theological Nature of Southeast Asian Christianity
Passing Around and Handing Down: Love and Service for God’s Kingdom

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109页,纸皮,ISBN : 978-981-09-6586-0, S$22.00。




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Faithful to The End

Faithful to The End: The Message of Daniel for Life in the Real World

Author: Gordon Wong

Pages: 223

Weight: 337g

Publication Year: 2006

ISBN-13: 978-981-4138-72-7


The Book of Daniel conveys a serious and relevant message for adults living in the harsh realities of the ancient world and ours. Written in a conversational yet masterly style, Rev Dr Gordon Wong unravels the powerful message of Daniel to help readers apply it to contemporary challenges of today. Pastors, preachers, and everyone who is interested in the pastoral significance and relevance of Daniel will find Faithful to the End penetrating, practical and profoundly encouraging.

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The Priesthood of Christ

The Priesthood of Christ
Atonement in the Theology of John Owen (1616 – 1683)

Author : Edwin E.M. Tay

Pages: 207

Weight: 325g

Publication year: 2014

ISBN 978-1-84227-7997

Book Description:

Despite wide acclaim for John Owen (1616-1683) as a leading representative of the doctrine of atonement in the Reformed tradition, a thorough examination of his views on the subject has yet to be undertaken. This work is the first full-scale monograph on the subject. Drawing on recent historiographical studies on the intellectual history of Protestant Orthodoxy and the full range of Owen’s writings, Dr Tay demonstrates that at the heart of Owen’s atonement theology is his peculiar understanding of Christ’s priesthood conceived in terms of the oblation and intercession of Christ, performed in the states of humiliation and exaltation.

This book belongs to the monograph series Studies in Christian History and Thought by Paternoster Press.


Chapter 1        Introduction
Chapter 2        The Agent of Redemption
Chapter 3        The Means of Redemption: Christ the Mediator
Chapter 4        The Means of Redemption: Christ’s Priestly Office
Chapter 5        The Means of Redemption: Satisfaction for Sin
Chapter 6        The End of Redemption
Chapter 7        Conclusion


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No. 7 – What Young Asian Theologians Are Thinking

What Young Asian Theologians Are Thinking

Editor: Leow Theng Huat


It is not always easy to discover exactly what young Asian theologians are thinking (to paraphrase Douglas J. Elwood). Overwhelmed with commitments, young theologians find it difficult to pursue their research interests. This book is the result of an invitation to a few young theologians to pause and reflect upon the key theological issues they are concerned with in their respective contexts.

The nine articles cover a broad range of topics. The first section (“Text and Context”) focus on specific portions of the Biblical text and how they speak to various parts of Asia. The second, entitled “Theology in Context”, propose ways of meaningfully engaging the Christian faith with the contributors’ own contexts in China, Hong Kong and Thailand. The final three articles “On Terminology and Methodology” deal with basic issues of how we should explicate key concepts and undertake the theological task. The last portion contains three responses from senior scholars.

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页数:416頁/15.4 cm x 23.4 cm


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十字路口:三一神学院历史 一九四八至二零零五年

三一神学院出版 (2006)

国际书号/ISBN – 10: 981-05-6577-1

国际书号/ISBN – 13: 978-981-05-6577-0

Please click here to view the English Version ‘At the Crossroad’







第一部  神学教育之起始

第一章 去门户之见 掀三一序幕 1819-1941

第二部 雕凿塑建的岁月

第二章 患难见情谊 协力创三一 1942-1949

第三章 加强与巩固 继续奠基础 1950-1959

第四章 发展兼改革 立坚定根基 1960-1969

第三部 发展亚洲化特性

第五章 风雨任吹刮 实现亚洲化 1970-1979

第六章 挣脱旧羁绊 迈向新禧年 1980-2000

第七章 迁入新院址 设定新目标 2001-2005




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Saints and Tears

Author: Roland Chia

Publication year: 2008

Synopsis: This book is fortified with solid theology and at the same time has a pastoral touch that would be helpful to those who are suffering from pain or doubt, or those who are trying to help them. It brings truth and comfort. It is a great book to read for personal and group reflection, and to give away as a gift.

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Our Father

Author: Roland Chia

Publication year: 2011

Synopsis: Discover afresh what the will of God is really all about, and learn the true nature of prayer and what it means to pray as you take this annotated journey through the Lord’s prayer.

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At the Crossroad

At the Crossroads: The History of Trinity Theological College

Trinity Theological College (2006)

ISBN – 10: 981-05-6577-1

ISBN – 13: 978-981-05-6577-0







Trinity Anthem

Part One  The Beginning of Theological Education

Chapter 1 The Prologue to Trinity 1819-1941

Part Two The Formative Years

Chapter 2 The Founding of Trinity College 1942-1949

Chapter 3 A Time to Build 1950-1959

Chapter 4 Laying the Foundation 1960-1969

Part Three Developing an Asian Identity

Chapter 5 Creating an Indigenous and Asian College 1970-1979

Chapter 6 Towards the New Millennium 1980-2000

Chapter 7 Moving to A New Home and Setting New Sights

Chronology of Significant Events



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No. 12 – 落地生根?中国移民与新加坡教会


Author: 罗翠璧

Editor: 刘淑平

Pages: 34

Publication year: 2014

ISBN 13: 978-981-09-0869-0


中国移民与新加坡教会的课题,对于许多本地教会来说,可说是个“烫手的山芋”。 因为两者之间的张力、冲击与误会是必然存在的。因此许多教会的中国人事工都碰到了困难。

罗翠璧在三一神学院修读课程时,选择以中国人所创办的以马内利基督教会为研究课题。她的专文将她与以马内利创办人王祎牧师的访谈,特别针对教会的历史、身份定位与文化互动三方面做出具体的分析,并提出一个重要的问题:“不少本地教会都有华文崇拜,并有专门服事中国移民或学生的事工,为什么中国人要自己开一间教会?”两位本地牧者、三位中国移民牧者,以及一位三一神学院讲师,亦受邀撰写回应文章。希望这些对话能激发教会间自由的交流与合作,将福音广传。– 刘淑平


香港中文大学(BA, BEd),同年由香港五旬节圣洁会永光堂差遣到新加坡方舟
五旬节圣洁会参与中国人事工, 至今已有三年。


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No. 11 – Courage, Collaboration, and the Common Good: Reflections by Asian Women Theologians

Courage, Collaboration, and the Common Good: Reflections by Asian Women Theologians

Editor: Maggie Low

Pages: 96

Weight: 177g

Publication Year: 2014

ISBN 13: 978-981-07-9905-2



This volume of essays by eight Asian women theologians reflect on the role of women in the Asian Church. The writers offer biblical, theological, and practical ways in which women and men can work courageously together for the common good of the Church, family, and society. These essays from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore seek to contextualize Western feminist theology for the Asian context so that there can be a paradigm shift from patriarchy to partnership.


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Grassroots Asian Theology: Thinking the Faith from the Ground Up

Grassroots Asian Theology: Thinking the Faith from the Ground Up

Author: Simon Chan

Pages: 217

Weight: 349g

Publication Year: 2014

ISBN-13: 978-0-8308-4048-9


A dynamic chapter of church history is now being written in Asia. But the theological inflections at its heart are not well understood by outsiders. Now in Grassroots Asian Theology Dr Simon Chan examines Asian Christianity at its daily, sustaining level. There he uncovers a vibrant theology that is authentically Asian and truly engaging.


  • Preface
  • 1  Methodological Questions
  • 2  God in Asian Contexts
  • 3  Humanity and Sin
  • 4  Christ and Salvation
  • 5  The Holy Spirit and Spirituality
  • 6  The Church
  • Epilogue
  • Acknowledgments
  • Author Index
  • Subject Index
  • Scripture Index

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Vol 16.3 (Dec 2013) – Health and Wellness

Editor: Mark L.Y. Chan

Church & Society in Asia Today is a periodical published three times a year by the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia. It is concerned with contemporary issues which, relate directly to the Church and her ministry in our rapidly changing society.

Written by Christian theologians, scholars, pastors, missionaries and lay persons in a style which is accessible to the general Christian public, the articles, sermons and book reviews aim to discuss and analyze trends and issues from a Christian and interdisciplinary perspective.

Topics in this Issue:

Healing in the Gospels and in Our World Today – Oh Boon Leong

Meditation and Mind-Body Therapy: Health and higher Reality – Ng Kam Weng

A Critique of the Practice of Inner Healing – Joseph John

The Dangers of Overstressing on Healing in Japan – Reginald Alva SVD

Caring for God’s Holy Temple: A Christian’s Perspective on Public Health –Philip Lee Hin Peng



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No.1 宋尚节博士与新马教会




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Vol 16.2 (Aug 2013) – Education

Editor: Mark L.Y. Chan

Church & Society in Asia Today is a periodical published three times a year by the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia. It is concerned with contemporary issues which, relate directly to the Church and her ministry in our rapidly changing society.

Written by Christian theologians, scholars, pastors, missionaries and lay persons in a style which is accessible to the general Christian public, the articles, sermons and book reviews aim to discuss and analyze trends and issues from a Christian and interdisciplinary perspective.

Topics in this Issue:

Re-visioning the Public Character of Christian Education Rev Dr Lim Teck Peng

The Task of Character Formation: The Wisdom Books of the Old Testament Rev Dr Anthony Loke

Education in Society and Church: Some Radical and Critical Thoughts? Dr Tan Jing Hee

Rethinking How We Teach the Bible in Church Dr Tee Meng Yew & Rev Dr Lim Kar Yong

Vocational Training for Life: A Journey of Love and Joy Ms Maggie Ting



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Vol 16.1 (Apr 2013) – Religion in Society

Editor: Mark L.Y. Chan

Church & Society in Asia Today is a periodical published three times a year by the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia. It is concerned with contemporary issues which, relate directly to the Church and her ministry in our rapidly changing society.

Written by Christian theologians, scholars, pastors, missionaries and lay persons in a style which is accessible to the general Christian public, the articles, sermons and book reviews aim to discuss and analyze trends and issues from a Christian and interdisciplinary perspective.

Topics in this Issue:

Religion and Politics in Singapore: A Christian Reflection Dr Roland Chia

Church and Nation: Belonging and Relating Dr Nishan de Mel

Whither Christians in Civil Society in Singapore? Dr Kwa Kiem Kiok

“Being” as Dialogue: Exploring Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations in India Dr Sebastian Madathummuriyil

No Foreigner too Foreign: Reconciling the Alien through the Cross of Christ Mr Benjamin Ho


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No. 3 – Iban Anglicans: The Anglican Mission in Sarawak 1848-1968

Iban Anglicans: The Anglican Mission in Sarawak 1848-1968

Author: Peter Varney

Series Editor: John Roxborogh

Pages: xvi + 252

Publication Year: 2013

ISBN 13: 978-981-07-4141-9


This book tells a fascinating story of encounter between Christianity and the Iban of Sarawak, who are now one of the most Christianised peoples in Asia. Peter Varney meticulously charts Iban responses to Christianity during Brooke and colonial rule from 1848 to 1968 showing how local catechists and teachers played a central role in bringing Christianity to their own people. The story of how faith and culture engage each other will be of huge interest to Southeast Asian Christians, and to academics in historical and social science disciplines.

About the Author

The Revd. Peter Varney is a fellow of the Borneo Research Council, chairman of the Borneo Mission Association and a research associate in the School of International Development at the University of East Anglia. His interest in the Iban began in 1958 when he was posted to Borneo during Royal Air Force National Service. In 1967 he began field work at Betong, focussing on Anglican work with the Iban, and visiting all the Anglican parishes in Sarawak. His recent research on Iban Anglicans examines burial rites and eschatological beliefs in urban Kuching, including issues of religious accommodation, urbanisation and globalisation.


CSCA Monograph Series

Map: The First and Second Divisions of Sarawak in 1968



About the Author




Chapter 1 Contexts of Mission: The Worlds of the Iban and Empire

Chapter 2 The Foundations of Anglican Work in Sarawak: 1848–1855

Chapter 3 “Rebels,” “Pirates” and the Opening of Work with the Iban: 1856–1869 4

Chapter 4 Understanding the Iban World: 1870–1908

Chapter 5 The Iban Response to the Introduction of Ritualism: 1909–1931

Chapter 6 Consolidation and Occupation: 1932–1948

Chapter 7 Creating New Identities: 1949–1968

Chapter 8 The Emergence of Iban Christianity: 1968–2011

Appendix 1: Glossary

Appendix 2: People

Appendix 3: Places

Appendix 4: Chronology

Archival Sources


Other Titles in the CSCA Monograph Series


When Francis McDougall became the first Christian missionary in Sarawak, he could not have envisaged what is now the vibrant Anglican Diocese of Kuching within the Province of South East Asia. This fascinating history reminds us of the need for faithfulness and patience, charts the sometimes uneasy relationship between the church and the colonial powers, and records the sensitivity with which many missionaries sought to understand local spiritualities and rituals.  – Bishop Michael Doe, General Secretary USPG, 2004 – 2011

It is always refreshing to read an outsider’s view of a community and its history. This book is therefore something that can be appreciated by Iban people as well as by others. The past decades of mission among the Iban people are brought into sharp focus by Peter’s careful research and his style of presentation. There is something to learn from its pages even for those most closely involved in the work.

The Diocese has always been keen to assist where it can in research and I am very pleased with the result. It describes the long procession of God’s servants who have been faithful in this part of His vineyard to which we in our generation now belong. An important aspect is how the church’s contribution to the political and economic life in Sarawak is woven into the story of conversion. Descriptions of the formidable problems of the past being overcome with tenacity and faith can only be an inspiration and hope for facing the difficulties of the present day.

I commend this book to anyone anywhere who is involved in mission – or even simply wondering how it works.  – Datuk Bolly anak Labok, Bishop of Kuching and Archbishop of the Province of the Anglican Church in South East Asia

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Pilgrims and Citizens: Christian Social Engagement in East Asia Today

Editor: Michael Poon

Pages: xxi+209

Publication year: 2006

ISBN 13: 978-192-06-9158-5




This volume of essays from Trinity Theological College marks a fresh approach to articulate the character of Christian social engagement in East Asia today. Key interpreters of Christianity in China, Singapore and colleagues from the West, reflect on this important and relevant topic.


Foreword  Bishop Robert Solomon

Introduction  Archbishop John Chew

Editor’s Introduction



1. Religion in Governing a Country: A Positive or Negative Factor?   Lim Siong Guan

2. A Message of Peace and Harmony from the East to the West   Ye Xiaowen

Biblical Studies

3. Pilgrims and Citizens: The Paradox for the First Christians According to 1 Peter   Bruce Winter

4. ‘Seek the Welfare of the City’: Contributions of Diaspora Jews (323 BCE-66 CE)  Tan Kim Huat

5. Jesus, Paul and Peter and the Roman State  Paul Barnett

Historical and Theological Studies

6. All Authority is from God  Oliver O’Donovan

7. Christian Social Responsibilities in East Asia: Lessons from the Early Church  Michael Nai-Chiu Poon

8. Civil Society and its Emergence in the Modern World  Hwa Yung

9. Resident Aliens and Alienated Residents  Daniel KS Koh

Contemporary Engagements

10. The Role of Chinese Christians in the Development of China  Cao Shengjie

11. The Christian Contribution to China in History  Zhuo Xinping

12. The Christian Role in a Pluralistic Society, with Specific Reference to Singapore  Richard Magnus

13. Roman Catholic Perspectives on Seeking the Welfare of the City  Kenson Koh

Concluding Reflections: Ways Forward in Seeking the Welfare of the City

14. Fellow-Citizens with the Saints  Oliver O’Donovan

15. The Role of Christianity in the Construction of a Harmonious Society Today  Zhuo Xinping

16. Christian Social Engagement in Asia  Daniel KS Koh

Author Index

Subject Index







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